Membership to the NSW SES Blue Mountains Unit is open to members of the community from the age of 16 years old. Parental or guardian consent, along with some restrictions on activity apply for members under 18 years of age.

Many of the courses and qualifications earned during training are Nationally recognized and many members have benefit from the skills they have learnt in the SES into their working career. All we ask you is to give some time back to the community in times of need.

Members should always be aware of their personal limitations when volunteering for the NSW SES so that they can make the best decisions on the areas where they can work.

We offer the opportunity for members to have roles in the following areas:

Rescue – field based activities in response to storms and floods, and providing support to other emergency services. We train at Katoomba and Faulconbridge.

Operations – management of SES response to storms and floods, as well support to other emergency services, the Operations section is based at Katoomba.

Logistics – provision of administrative and supply support to the field and headquarters during both emergencies and day to day and is based at Katoomba

Planning – provides ongoing planning all year round on how best the SES can respond to emergencies, and help the community prepare for storms and floods.

*Recruitment * Further information about the recruitment session, contact our Duty Officer on (02) 4782 3200 at anytime.


Volunteers can join any SES Unit in NSW at any time by calling us on 1800 201 000 or visit out website to joing online at : ses.nsw.gov.au/volunteering/