Be Prepared

The Blue Mountains can be affected by a range of natural events that can disrupt the community. These events include strong winds from that generally occur from June until October, and summer storms from mid-November until the end of February.

In addition to these, the upper Blue Mountains west of Lawson can experience snow falls that varies from brief flurries to heavy falls. These falls can isolate some communities for long periods as occurred several times in the 20th century including the 1960s.

To assist the community deal with these types of events, the NSW SES conducts regular education campaigns in most mountains townships as well as targeted initiatives at schools. Our purpose built community education trailer forms the centre piece of many of our displays. It is staffed by SES volunteers who can answer your questions and contains a great deal of useful community and SES information.

We have also developed a range of useful guides that can be downloaded from the following links.

Storm checklist >>>
SnowSafe guide for residents of the Blue Mountains >>>