About Us

The NSW SES – Blue Mountains Unit is an emergency service organisation of over 100 volunteer members. We have members of all ages and experience, and can find satisfying and challenging roles for all members.

We have two field response and training facilities located at Katoomba in the west and at Faulconbridge in the east.

Our Unit Incident Management Team is located at Katoomba where we share the Emergency Operations Centre with the NSW Rural Fire Service.

The majority of the day-to-day running costs of the Unit are met by the NSW State Government and we are supported by Blue Mountains City Council through the provision of our buildings. Occasional donations from generous members of the community assist us to supplement our income and improve our services.

Since the Unit’s inception in 1957 our members have been involved in a large number of emergencies throughout the Blue Mountains and NSW. Our activities have included:

  • respond to more than 15,000 requests for assistance to storm damage in the Blue Mountains including the management of 1200 requests for assistance in Blackheath-Medlow Bath Storm of 2011
  • assisting the NSW Police with numerous land search operations
  • providing logistical support to the Rural Fire Service and NPWS in all major bushfires since the 1970s
  • providing teams of volunteers to assist with storms throughout Sydney and across the State.
  • providing teams major incidents such as the Thredbo landslide, Cyclone Yasi, the Sydney and Blacktown hailstorms as well as a number of interstate disasters
  • assisting at a range of community events throughout the city including fairs, fetes and Clean-up Australia Day.