The NSW State Emergency Service (SES), Blue Mountains Unit is one of 230 SES Units established across the State. With a membership of over 100 volunteers, the Blue Mountains Unit is responsible for the management of emergency response to storm and flood events as well as providing support to other emergency services across the City of Blue Mountains Local Government Area.

The Blue Mountains Local Government Area covers 1433 square kilometres along the Great Dividing Range in the New South Wales Central Tablelands. Approximately 70% of the City of Blue Mountains is part of the Greater Blue Mountains National Park which is World Heritage listed.

The City of Blue Mountains is home to more than 79,000 people who live the 26 towns, villages and communities that are located between 55 to 120km west of Sydney. In the Blue Mountains there are a number of factors that create difficulties in providing an emergency response service for residents. Some of the difficulties such as terrain and climate arise from the very attributes which make the area an attractive place to live and visit.

Often the volunteers of the Blue Mountains Unit will travel and assist other NSW SES Units across the State in times of need.